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I wrote a middle school book, not a middle grade book

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m convinced there’s an audience for my Stu Stories books. In fact–as I also previously noted–tall tales set in childhood have a long and distinguished legacy. (Note 1: if you’re interested in viewing a list of these books, the above-mentioned post should be simple enough to find; it’s been over two years since… Read more »

An impossibly easy sell

Disclaimer: For anyone who knows me from social media, this is going to be yet another message about my middle grade book, Stu Stories: The Adventures of Dirt Clod and His Sidekick Bird Bones. By now, I fear, you’re completely sick of my peddling. (Note: that word, peddling, makes me think of the word piddling. More specifically, it makes me… Read more »

The Time Stu Turned Me Into a Football Star (for 1 Day)

In honor of the Super Bowl, here’s my story about the time Stu turned me into a football star . . . for one day. To read more about our adventures, buy the book here or here   Dear Reader There are two things you need to know about my childhood friend Stu Sanderson. The first is that he was… Read more »