Stu Stories
The Adventures of Dirt Clod and His Sidekick, Bird Bones
by Patrick “Bird Bones” Hueller
Illustrations by Adam Record

Stu Sanderson is no ordinary eighth-grader. Almost seven feet tall, he vanishes into thin air, duels knights with ninja stealth, lifts the downtrodden, and woos the coolest, best-calved girl in school. Become a middle-grade legend with Stu and his sidekick, Bird Bones, on the journey of a lifetime in Stu Stories.

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Product Details
Title: Stu Stories: The Adventures of Dirt Clod and His Sidekick, Bird Bones
Author: Patrick Hueller
Publisher:Cedar Fort, Inc.
Perfect Paperback: 160 pages
ISBN-13: 9781462119554
Publication date:11/01/2016
Price: $10.99

“Stu and Bird Bones’ adventures are hilarious, sometimes horrifying, and definitely legendary. This book hits on pretty much every topic I cared about when I was a kid (love, Jedis, severed legs, etc.).”

Geoff Herbach, author of Fat Boy vs. the Cheerleaders


“Really fun . . . has tones of Wayside School and Maniac Magee and How Angel Peterson Got His Name.”

—Kurtis Scaletta, author of Mudville


Stu Stories captures eighth grade life in its finest and wackiest form. A fun-filled zany ride!”

—Frank Cole, author of The Afterlife Academy


“Because I’m Patrick ‘Bird Bones’ Hueller’s brother, people ask me, ‘Did everything in Stu Stories really happen?’ But enough about Patrick. Let’s get back to talking about me.”

—Andy Hueller, author of Skipping Stones at the Center of the Earth and other amazing books


“The more legendary this book becomes, the more legendary I become.”


Writing as P.W. Hueller

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Writing as Paul Hoblin









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