Read at Your Own Peril

Kevin shouldn’t be writing this. And you shouldn’t be reading it. After all, reading is now a crime–and for good reason. After the Coma Outbreak, everyone knows what happens to people who read. Their eyes slam shut. And they never get out of their desks again.

“Read at Your Own Peril is a truly incredible story that keeps you on the edge of your seat. I gasped multiple times, and I couldn’t see anything coming. This book really shows how something can look one way but be completely different and sometimes we can overreact. In this case, it’s books but you can apply it to so many different scenarios that are happening in the world we live in today.” —James, middle schooler

“Patrick Hueller’s Read at Your Own Peril is a delightful book full of suspense, wonder, and friendship. Hueller blends science fiction with hardship in a tale that will make you feel a mix of emotions.” —Zain, middle schooler

“Read at Your Own Peril is a book that you cannot put down. This exciting story about a reading pandemic will keep you wondering about what is around the next corner. Beautifully written and truly epic, Read at Your Own Peril will change your life.” —Maren, middle schooler

“When I started reading this book, I didn’t know if I was going to like it. But upon reading further, I began to like it. It was hard to put down when everyone in public schools were going into comas. I wanted to figure out why. I liked how it was so suspenseful. That made this book actually fun to read.” —Thomas, middle schooler

“A creative idea. Amazingly captures that unsettling yet fascinating atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re actually in the world the book is portraying. A story worth the risk.” —Beckett, middle schooler

“Patrick Hueller’s Read at Your Own Peril is a unique and true work of art. It’s thrilling, powerful, eye-opening, and shows that perilous situations require thoughtful solutions and patience. I could not put this book down–every page is full of twists and turns! This is a book totally worth risking your life for!” —Joshua, middle schooler