author with stu


Question: Where did you grow up?

Answer: In Stu Stories I call my hometown town Rapid River, but I actually grew up in Stillwater. (Get it?)

Question: Where do you get your ideas?

Answer: When I’m not writing about Stu, I usually start with a real, normal situation. (Translation: I start with a boring situation.) Then I ask myself, “What if a completely non-boring thing happened in the midst of this situation? How would I and others react? What would happen next?”

When I’m writing about Stu, of course, all I have to ask is, “What did Stu actually do in this situation?”

Question: If you have an identical twin brother, why isn’t he in the stories?

Answer: I do indeed have an identical twin brother, Andy Hueller. (He’s a writer too.) He isn’t in the stories because 1. Stu was my friend, not his, and 2. as a writer, it sometimes helps to limit the number of characters in a story.

Question: Are you still friends with Stu?

Answer: Of course! I don’t see him as often because 1. we’re adults who no longer live in the same town or go to the same school, and 2. my adventures are more normal these days (teaching, writing, parenting). As for Stu’s current adventures–well, maybe I’ll write about them someday.

Question: Okay but, c’mon, is Stu actually, really real?