Stu’s Grab Bag!

Wanna hear a Stu story? Click here.


Wanna play a Stu Mad Libs? Here’s one he made himself. (Keep in mind that his goal in life is to be legendary. Also keep in mind that he’ll go to any lengths to achieve this goal.)

STU STORIES is ____________________ (use any adjective that is a synonym for ‘hilarious’). Anyone who doesn’t buy it for their _________________ (noun) doesn’t care whether that ___________________ (same noun) ever learns to love reading. The Force is strong with this Mad Libs. When it says, “You will buy STU STORIES,” you will ___________________ (use any verb that means “heed the command” or just leave your credit card number, expiration date, and three-digit code on back).

Thanks for filling out this Mad Libs ___________________________ (use any word that is spelled D-U-D-E)!


Wanna play Tic-Tac-Toe? There’s a board below! Stu Tip: Marker works better on the computer screen than pencil. Permanent marker works best of all.

Image result for tic tac toe template


Wanna play Stu in Rock, Paper, Scissors? Now you can, with this interactive gaming feature. (I’ll warn you, though–Stu’s never lost!)

Okay, on the count of three, pick a) rock, or b) paper, or c) scissors.


One . . . Two . . . THREE!

Check the answer key below to see who won!


Answer key: If you picked a, Stu picked b. If you picked b, Stu picked c. If you picked c, Stu picked a.